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Hannah's Signature Slim wallet of 5 years and counting

Leather is a natural product and can be expected to change in time. We cherish the patina (that beautiful weathered look) that imparts character and personality unique to your piece. 
Leather products require maintenance to avoid drying out and to ensure its lifespan is long. With proper care, your leather investment can last for many years. The final step in crafting all of our items is the addition of our happy Leather balm for protection - this protective coating does not last forever and upkeep of your leather item is required.


To remove surface dirt, use a slightly damp cotton cloth to wipe down your product.

Conditioning and Protecting

For preventative maintenance, or if your item is starting to look dry, rub a small amount of leather conditioner all over. A conditioner may discolor your item slightly so it is advised to test a small amount on a hidden corner to ensure you are happy with the results.