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Meet Hannah and Adam

photo by Maylies Lang

Black Spruce leather was born as a creative outlet while we were both working as exploration geologists in the Yukon. Our designs are largely influenced and inspired by the time we have spent exploring the north: grizzly bears, moose, caribou, northern lights and hiking through mountain ranges through thick forests of Black Spruce.

Hannah's leather crafting journey started when she brought some leather and tools to field camp, where she would work away into the evenings after the paying work was complete. It wasn't long until coworkers were placing orders and proving the durability of the product. Adam jumped on board and contributes his technological and machine making skills, to continually improve and advance the process. We moved our home base from Vancouver to the Okanagan, where we now make all of our products from scratch, in our home workshop in Vernon, BC.

What began as a craft, turned into a lifestyle. The dream of owning a workshop one day and living a more grounded life, literally brought us to the country; it brought us to craft and farmers markets where we met our community; and it put us on a path to live a slower and more appreciative life. We try to emulate this in our craft, spending time on the details so that our customers can feel the love and care that we pour into our work.

 Our philosophy is buy less- but love what you buy

Neither of us are big shoppers or very interested in material goods- but we believe in functional, well made, responsibly sourced, durable products that don't go out of style. This mentality of intentional consumption leads to less waste and excess. We make unique items that can be treasured for years to come, they get even better with time.

All of our products are hand crafted with care and attention to detail. Every step from cutting, tooling, dying, conditioning, sewing and packaging is done by us. We combine traditional leather working techniques as well as modern day technology, to create unique and one of a kind pieces.